About Création Authentic

Priya DUC is Indian, married to a Frenchman. She studied in the UK and now lives in France, near Lyon.

She has worked at international level for a number French companies, holding posts that involve daily communications in several languages.

A native English speaker, she is also fluent in French, Spanish, German and several Indian languages... a natural result when coming from a country with 23 languages and thousands of dialects.

The idea for Création Authentic came as a result of her many travels and encounters: to help craftsmen the world over to make their culture and creative work known to a wider public.

"I decided to bring together my own love for beautiful objects and for traditional savoir-faire and travel, my initial training in communications and the Internet with my international experience helped me create this portal to share my passion.

We all have ideas and the desire to create, but the final result is always a joint effort. I would like to thank all those who helped and contributed in creating this project."